Peregrine Talking Watch
£ 80.00

“Peregrine” mens talking watch on an expanding stainless steel bracelet. The clear English speaking voice in this mens talking watch was developed in collaboration with the RNIB. The “Peregrine” radio controlled mens talking watch was developed with convenience at the forefront, automatically updating to the correct time and automatically updating to daylight savings. Featuring assisted setup and clearly speaking the correct time on demand, including an hourly chime. Featuring specially-designed high contrast hands and a clear, easy-to-read dial.

The clear English speaking voice assists you with setting up your new watch and will notify you when the battery is getting low – a feature unique to Acctim talking watches. This mens talking watch clearly speaks the time, day and date with the press of a button.

Featuring Acctim Autoset® technology. Acctim Autoset® watches are set at the factory. Just activate the watch and they work out of the box with no adjustment. It doesn’t get any simpler. Combined with our radio controlled technology and voice-assisted setup process, you will not find a more convenient radio controlled talking watch.

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